I am a girl who, like so many others, is on a quest for perfection. This blog will remain anonymous and is mostly here to allow me to talk to myself.

I am not pro-ana, but this blog may be extremely triggering. If you’re here for “motivation,” then you need help and you need to get off this blog. Get yourself out now, live your life, EAT. Nothing you’ll find here is going to benefit you.


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  • beckyb93 says:

    I truly admire your courage in creating this blog. Please, please seek help as soon as you can and don’t give up hope that you can be happy regardless of weight.

  • Lila says:

    I agreed so much with this page. This is where the answer to the question of “why did the anorexic post get FP’d” came to me. I believe this (the about page) is the same reason why WordPress decided to freshly press your “romanticized” post. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen to share it with the rest of WordPress.

    I wish, though, that the wordpress team begin to explain why a post is chosen for an FP on the viewing tab in the front page (for all posts, not just yours).

    I’m predicting your “freshly pressed” post will be put on the dailypost spot light by the end of the month so that they get a chance to explain themselves better to the bloggers who, like me, felt confused and upset about the choice.

    I hated and loved the post because it made me cry and triggered some feelings in me even though I’m in a very healthy place. It reminded me of myself when I was in college in some ways, which was just a few years ago. And it made me look at myself now. I didn’t want to Like and Follow you because I feared it might encourage you to continue being in a sappy, unproductive, self-harming state. I’m sure many others decided to ignore it for that reason.

    I question what I’m doing now on liking this page and commenting to you. But then I remember where I was when I was in your shoes, and I remember: you sound a lot like what I used to hear in my head–both the lucid voice, and the delusional voice. You’re in a battle between your true self and your addiction with perfection. You know that, you so clearly know that. And the support that I received got me out of the darkness. It helped me in my journey to save my own self from myself.

    Ultimately, there’s good in this for me and hopefully others. All this reminded me of how prevalent the sickness is, and how the world is in much need of supporting women and educating them on self-love; on how to start relating to their bodies and minds harmoniously. I’ve been thinking about it lately, so that’s what it’s inspiring me to do–to start a blog on that. I need it, you need it, and other women need it.

    I hope you keep in touch with the support that is coming your way, I would love to see you get through it as I’m sure you will. You sound like a bright girl who’s just starting to be sick of being sick. I find myself rooting for you on the other side.

    It’s better to put the writings on paper (or in this case the screen) than on zebra stripes on your skin. Keep writing however it helps you, in the same you decided to.

    Love & Peace,

  • Hey missus

    I was in your position several decades ago, and I have also just started to blog anonymously so I can see what you are trying to do for yourself, and it’s good. But it’s not enough.

    As one fear filled, frustrated writer to another, expressing oneself on paper (as it were) is a good thing to do, especially if it helps others, but the danger is that you start to see yourself as the condition and not the whole person you are, I know this from experience. My therapist was loathe to give a medical name to what is going on with me (I call it my own personal sh*tstorm so don’t need a Latin translation for that thank you v much), because she didn’t want me to use it as an excuse not to grow, but I did and do that anyway of course.

    You are SO young , you honestly don’t know what you have. Madonna, Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt etc. cannot buy the precious commodity that you hold (i.e. youth and time) and if they could believe me they would soon run out of money, and I don’t want you to be in the position I am, half a decade into a life only half lived because you are unable to deal with those feelings inside that won’t go away.

    My advice should you choose to take it? See someone who you are compatible with who deals with this kind of shit and get that anger out. Spit it up. Hurl it against the wall and scream at it. Stomp in it, tear it into shreds, roll in it, and cry until you can’t cry any more. And when you’ve faced it, worked through it and felt as sad as it’s possible to feel, then you will be able to take the first tiny baby steps towards your recovery. Be kind and forgiving to yourself, nurture yourself and learn to not only live with yourself but to love yourself exactly as you are.

    Here’s to a year that can change your life kitten, be good to yourself. Learn from my mistakes.

    All the love your little heart can hold.

    Auntie Sertraline x

  • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Is the title of this blog meant to be ironic? Shouldn’t it be “Skinny AND Die”, since making yourself skinny on purpose is basically a form of killing yourself? To equate “perfection” with “skinny” is perverse.

    Skinny people and fat people offend me equally well. If you don’t know what “fat” means, here’s a calibration. Do you know Rachael Ray? Rachael Ray is not fat.


  • kutehano says:

    hi i have thoughrly read and searched about u. u are a good girl u dont ever think of ur self less than any girl .at this time of life when u feel lonely i advice u to truely knee down to ur God (ALLAH)n ask for his forgivness and admit all ur mistakes infront of Him .cry cry n cry just infront of ALLAH .he is the MIGHTY THE MEGESTIC THE COMPELLER THE GARDIAN THE FAITHFUL THE MOST BENEFICIENT AND THE MOST MERCIFUL HE WILL DEFINATELY SHOW U THE RITE PATH AND GIVE U A HEART FULL OF HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION AND UR LIFE WILL B AGAIN FULL OF JOY AND HAPPINESS.INSHA ALLAH PLZ PLZ PLZ CHOOSE THE RITE PATH .U WILL DEFINATELY FORGIVES U N SHOW U THE RITE PATH AMEEEEN

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